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Carriage Downs
Welcome to Carriage Downs of Concord, North Carolina
What's New:
Carriage Downs News:
In June of 2016 Larissa Blankenship, a Girl Scout from Troop 790, installed Carriage Downs "Little Free Library" as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award. Part of the Gold Award Larissa has asked for us to complete the attached survey: "Carriage Downs Library Survey"
~ Carriage Downs News ~
Braesael Management Company
Posted on Sep 29th, 2016
On August 1, 2016 the Carriage Downs Homeowners Association hired the Braesael Management Company to manage and oversee the day to day operations of Carriage Downs. This will include all finances (association fees, billing, etc.), as well as the common grounds, pool, tennis courts, and clubhouse. Braesael Management will also be handling all architectural change requests and covenant enforcement. You can contact Braesael Management at (704) 847-3507 or  through the "Contact US" on the Carriage Downs homepage. 
Pool & Tennis Court Key FOBs
Posted on Aug 3rd, 2016
Assignment of key FOBs
Yard/Garage Sales
Posted on Jan 5th, 2016
REMINDER - HOA Maintenance Fees for 2016
Posted on Jan 1st, 2016
The 2016 Carriage Downs homeowner’s dues are $135.25 per quarter, the same as 2015. The first quarter dues are due by January 30.
Mail To:
Carriage Downs Property Owners Assoc.
                     PO Box 2327
                Matthews, NC 28106
Carriage Downs Pool
Posted on Jul 1st, 2014
The pool facility is for the use and enjoyment of Carriage Downs residents and their guests.  Violation of the rules/regulations subjects violators to a hearing and suspension of the entire household to the use of Carriage Downs facilities.  Specifically, abusive, inappropriate language and behavior will not be tolerated. Please review all rules & regulation that are posted at the pool and on the Carriage Downs website.
Automobile break-ins
Posted on Mar 17th, 2014
Vehicle Storage/ DYI car repair
Posted on Feb 14th, 2014
Fixing up that car may be your weekend pleasure, but if it is on the public street or visible on your property and not drivable, partially dismantled or wreaked with expired tags, the City of Concord considers it a “junk motor vehicle.”
Attention Carriage Downs Home Owners
Posted on Aug 31st, 2013
On August 21, 2013 the Carriage Downs Board approved and adopted the "Carriage Downs Property Owners' Association, INC. Collection and Covenant Violation and Appeal Policies". This policy addresses late charges for Association Fees that are 30 or more days past due and fines for those owners who have violated the covenants, architectural guidelines, or rules and regulations of the Association.  The Carriage Downs Property Owners' Association, INC. Collection and Covenant Violation and Appeal Policies is effective begining September 1, 2013 and can be found at: "Documentation & Forms" 
The Carriage Downs Classifieds
Posted on Oct 15th, 2012
The “Classifieds” page of the Carriage Downs web site will begin listing Baby Sitters, Pet Sitters, House Sitters, and Lawn Care services. For those residents wishing to perform these services send your name, address, phone number and date of birth to: carriage.downs@gmail.com

Note: The “Classifieds” page of the web site is restricted to Carriage Downs residents only.
Tennis Court Lock
Posted on Sep 23rd, 2012
Notice: The Carriage Downs tennis court lock has been repaired and will be operational on Sept. 21. Those families that want to use the tennis courts will need to have their pool key fobs programed for the tennis court. To have your current pool fob programed for the tennis courts email carriage.downs@gmail.com with your request or go to Home Page "Contact US".

~ Quick Survey ~
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~ Weather ~

~ Association Monthly Meeting ~
The Carriage Downs Monthly Homeowners meeting will be held at the clubhouse (1405 Hansom Lane) on:
October 18 @ 7:00 PM - Meeting Agenda:
  1. Approve September meeting minutes
  2. Budget
    • September budget review 
    • 2017 Budget planning
  3. Pool
  4. Grounds
  5. Clubhouse
    • Ladies room wet floor problem
  6. Social
  7. Architecture Change Request
  8. Covenant Violations
  9. New Business

~ Upcoming Events ~

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~ From the City of Concord: ~
Visit the City’s website for the latest information and updates at concordnc.gov. Check out City's page on Facebook and other interactive features such as Concord Police Reports at  Tune into 1410-AM WTIX for CityLink Radio each Tuesday at 9:00 a.m
Bulky Waste: The City collects bulky waste from residents every other week. The transition to the new, biweekly collection schedule for bulky waste (same schedule as recycling) began in July 2016. Bulky Waste includes all items that cannot fit inside curbside carts such as furniture, tires, equipment, appliances (white goods), and e-waste (anything with a circuit board, especially TVs and computers). Recycling and bulky waste is collected every other week according to the established blue/green zone schedule. Weekly garbage and yard waste collection continues unchanged. Visit concordnc.gov for full details.
NOTICE – Per the City of Concord, ALL residents operating home alarm system are required to register their alarm system.  The cost to register the alarm system is $10.00. To register an alarm system go to: False Alarm Reduction and Administration web page.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions document so that you will understand the policy and cost involved for false alarms, etc.
Do your part to keep the storm drainage system flowing
Street gutters and storm drains help protect Concord from flooding. They carry water directly from City streets and eventually empty into nearby bodies of water. Unfortunately, many property owners unknowingly contribute to flooding and pollution by putting grass clippings, leaves, and other debris in the street.

Remember, two feet and wheels away from the street
On your scheduled pickup day each week, place your recycling and/or garbage carts curbside, but not in the street. The cart's wheels should be pointed away from the street (towards your house). Place each cart 2 feet apart, and 2 feet away from parked cars, mailboxes, fire hydrants, etc. Want a visual? Check out our handy slideshow at concordnc.gov.
Vehicle Break In Prevention Tips
Captain James Hughes, City of Concord CITY
In recent weeks we have seen an increased amount of vehicles entered and valuables taken. Most of the time the vehicle was left unlocked and valuables were in plain sight. Attached is a flyer that has several tips to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim. As always we ask that if you observe any suspicious activity in your area, or have any information on suspect(s), please call the Concord Police Department at (704) 786-9155 or 911 if it is an emergency. Thank you.

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Residents and businesses encouraged to stay alert against scams
The City of Concord reminds customers that any call received claiming to be your utility company and demanding immediate payment or personal information could be a scam. If this happens, hang up the phone and call the customer service number on your bill. For more information, visit duke-energy.com.
Plastic bags are not currently acceptable in residential recycle carts
Always Recycle E-Waste!!      
Yard Waste Collection:
The City is proud to offer yard waste collection at no extra cost to residents, but did you know composting your own fall leaves is an excellent, budget-friendly way to enrich the soil in your garden, lawn and flower beds?
Yard Waste And Storm Drain:
The City of Concord ordinance on waste disposal in the storm drainage system and waters (creeks and rivers) of the state: Chapter 60-47 (c):
Waste disposal.  Penalty of up to $10,000.00 per violation or per day may be imposed.
Special Household Waste Collection:
Call 704-920-5555 to schedule collection of appliances, bulky items, and e-waste


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